Sometimes Answered Prayers Look Like:

Monday’s “My Story Your Glory” Moment #61

Sometimes answered prayers look like:

Imagining what could be built.

For most of my life, this open field provided abundant hay harvests and land for cows to graze. Now this field is the site where we are growing deep roots for our family as we build our forever home.

Dreaming together possibilities. Exploring the land and sharing our hopes for what this home will mean for our family.

Creating new roads to explore. Sometimes you have to carve out a new path to take. It might seem a little bumpy at first, but beautiful journeys sometimes mean stepping out in faith and starting something new.

Resting in wide open spaces. Room to experience peace in this midst of a culture that rarely slows down to take a deep breath.

Taking the time to notice and celebrate the process. Good things take time. There is beauty in the growing season.

This dream to return to our home town and build our forever home on family land began in August 2021. Construction started at the beginning of February 2023. We can hardly believe how much the construction team has accomplished in 3 months!

In this season, the Lord is teaching me sometimes the dreams He inspires us to explore take time. Every time we go to the construction site and see another part of the house taking shape, I am reminded that there is a purpose for each part of the process. Each part needs to be completed in the right sequence to create the right result. Even if we don’t understand the process, our general contractor sees the big picture and the teeny tiny details that must be completed in order to give us our forever home.

This Lord is the ultimate general contractor for our lives. We may not understand the sequence of how each part fits into place, but if we trust in His providence, He will continue to create beautiful masterpieces from our lives, too.

As the sun sets on another day, we can’t help but give glory and praise to the Lord for the beauty we get to experience in the home building process. Each step represents another answered prayer for our family. Our hearts are excited about the possibilities to come. This is my story for God’s glory.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Answered Prayers Look Like:”

    1. I hope the same thing, Laura! So far, the process has helped further cement us together as we are pursuing a common goal. It’s been so fun to ask for their feedback and to watch their joy as they see each new step in the process completed.


  1. This is so great! I grew up in the country and understand the concept of building a new home on family land and watching something so great being built from the ground up! How exciting for your family!

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    1. Karen, I’m so thankful you were able to experience living on family land growing up. I love that we share this common experience. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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