You Are The God Who Sees Me: El Roi

When I imagined becoming a Mom and the ways that I would share God’s faithfulness with my children, I never dreamed that through reading aloud children’s devotional books that He would teach me just as much as I am possibly teaching my children. Coming to the Lord with childlike faith keeps us humble, authentic, and ready to receive what He wants to teach us each day (Matthew 18:2-4). One of my favorite studies that our family completed together was to spend 40 days looking through the Bible through the lens of what God’s word reveals about His character through the different names people have attributed to Him. 

As people encounter our living God, He reveals His character and His consistency through every season and challenge. Through these interactions, God reveals another name or attribute of His character to His people. One of the truths of God’s character is He is El Roi: the God who sees. One of the earliest mentions of God’s ability to fully see us is through His interaction with Hagar. Even though Abraham and Sarah mistreated Hagar, and she felt helpless when she thought about her future, God revealed to her that He is the “God who sees” (Genesis 16:13).  Although no one else in her life seemed to see, value, or take care of her, she knew that God did. Her challenging season did not discount the fact that God was with her. She wasn’t alone.

God sees you friend, as you continue to work through a challenging season with your child. 

  • He sees you opening your Bible each day seeking His truth to help you frame the situation in truth instead of allowing anxiety to take a stronghold in your mind.
  • He sees you praying, sometimes moment by moment prayers, asking for Him to change the outcome, and He hears you.
  • He sees you walking faithfully, putting one foot in front of the other, reading any book and blog available, searching for answers to help your child grow. 
  • He sees the tears you cry as you wonder what other strategy you can try and captures all of the tears you cry in His bottle (Psalm 56:8). Not one tear is lost or wasted. 
  • He sees you reaching out to others who are a little farther down the road on this parenting journey who might have experience or expertise to help you help your child. 
  • He sees you as you feel stuck in the middle of the problem and not seeing the end in sight. 

Whatever challenge you are working through with your children, however big or small that it may seem, hold tight to the truth that our Creator God has a beautiful plan for each life. He calls ALL children to a life of meaning. Our life stories might look a little different than others’ journeys, but each journey is purpose filled.  We are witnesses to His glory through our challenges. No matter how weary we feel some days. No matter if there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. God sees you, friend, and loves you and your children dearly. Come to Him with childlike faith. He sees you and is waiting for you with arms wide open.

Favorite Resource:

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4 thoughts on “You Are The God Who Sees Me: El Roi”

  1. Thank you, Kallie, for this reminder that God truly sees us in all of our roles, and as you point out, especially as a parent. He loves our children more than we do and wants only the best for us and for them. I love your heart for not only your own children but for other children and their parents. Praying others are strengthened and encouraged through this blog.
    Love you! Mama

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