Anytime We are Together is Magical to Me Blogpost #30

After such an incredible time exploring Disney World, Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Center, and Melbourne beach, we traded our swimming suits and sunscreen for Tylenol and tissues. Covid hit our family and shut us down for about a week and a half. Anytime you aren’t feeling well is hard, but trying to make the drive from Florida to Missouri with fever, runny noses, and body aches is especially challenging. 

However, now that we are on the other side of Covid and thankfully our only lingering symptom is being extremely sleepy, I still hold tight to the truth that anytime we are together with our family is magical for me. Whether we are syncing up our My Disney apps to select our Lightning Lane and Fast pass rides for the day or sending texts to pray specifically for each other we work through Covid and sinus infections, doing life together is my favorite way to live. After living away from family and trying to stay in touch through texts and monthly visits, having the opportunity to live in the same town for the past two months has given us memories that are absolutely priceless to me.

Whether we are laughing at Grandpa Tim’s funny pictures of our little Maltese dog Albert and their big golden retriever puppy Sammy bonding together or we are planning the next cousin movie outing, we value getting to do life intergenerationally. (Plus Grandpa’s captions make the pictures that much more enjoyable. I think Albert and Sammy could definitely inspire a future children’s book series.) There is something magical about the unique wisdom the grandparents can speak to our children in away that beautifully compliments what we are already trying to instill in their lives.

More than anything, we are so thankful for the good that the pandemic has brought us all. More flexible jobs that have allowed us to move back to be with our families without having to endure long commutes. A slower lifestyle with not trying to cram in every single possible activity into our weeks. Even this last week and a half with Covid has provided us time to reflect on all of the ways we are thankful Covid hit us during the summer and not during a busy school year. 

As Kaden and I wrap up the end of his quarantine, we are looking forward to us all being well and getting to soak up even more family time. Friend, I wonder how the pandemic has changed the landscape of your life, too? For some of our friends, we know that Covid has left a more debilitating impact on their health, and we continue to pray that the Lord will continue to heal their bodies. In whatever ways Covid has impacted you, know that I thank the Lord for our continued friendship and pray especially for you today that the Lord will bless you and your families right where you are. We don’t have to be at Disney World to have a magical day. Anytime we are together with our loved ones and friends is magical to me.

One response to “Anytime We are Together is Magical to Me Blogpost #30”

  1. Kay Avatar

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    This reminded me that God promises to work all things for our good, not that everything WILL be good. So many blessings every day if we will just open our eyes to them. God is so good.

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