U-Haul Trucks and Heavenly Treasures Blogpost #23

When I was a little girl, I remember working diligently to memorize several parts of the Sermon on the Mount. If you aren’t as familiar with this passage in Matthew, the Sermon on the Mount is found in chapters 5-7 and is one of Jesus’ first teachings after He was baptized, tempted in the wilderness, and called His disciples to follow Him. He taught a large crowd of people literally as they sat along a mountain side. Jesus used the scenery around Him to teach rich, theological truths that the everyday person could recognize, remember, and learn from beyond the initial time they heard His teaching. I relate so deeply to Jesus’ teachings, because I am a visual learner, and I thrive when I have frequent visual reminders that bring me back to Biblical truth. This reminds me of the power of visual reminders when I teach my children and students. 

In this teaching, Jesus encourages us to not store up treasures on Earth, but to instead store up treasures in Heaven. I know I told you I memorized this passage when I was a little girl, but if I am totally honest, I don’t think I fully understood the words that I was memorizing. It wasn’t until the weariness of weaving through countless U-Haul boxes piled all throughout our house of most of our “earthly” belongings that my heart was really ready to understand this passage. 

With my favorite comfy recliner, a cup of coffee with extra creamer and syrup, and my Encountering God by Kelly Minter Bible study, the Holy Spirit empowered me to approach this passage with a fresh perspective. As Kelly wrote about the difference between treasures on Earth as the things we possess and treasures in Heaven as the things we get to store up in Heaven, it was like a light bulb clicked on in my soul. When I was a child and memorized this verse, my mindset was very “works based.” I thought that in order to store up treasures in Heaven, I needed to accumulate all of the good deeds that I was striving to do for Jesus and the works would be my treasures in Heaven. Now I more fully realized the Heavenly treasures are the people that we will get to see one day in Heaven. They are the people who love the Lord and will one day be reunited all together no matter the distance apart they lived on Earth.

When I think about the reason packing all of these boxes of clothes, toys, special mementos, and belongings is bittersweet, it’s because of the reminders they represent. These items remind us of the beautiful people who have enriched our lives over the last almost 18 years that I have lived in Bolivar, and almost 16 of those years that we began our marriage, our careers, and raising our four children. As I sorted notes and drawings from students, colleagues, friends, and the kids’ teachers and friends, I could picture face after face of the people who are truly Heavenly treasures in our lives. 

  • My students have taught me the beauty of empowering others to grow. Cultivating beautiful things takes time, and with patience and a toolkit of instructional strategies, all students can grow in incredible ways. Their learning might not be the same way and the same rate of learning as their classmates, but all students can grow.
  • My colleagues have taught me the incredible things we can create together through collaboration. When I think back to all we have accomplished together, I realize that as an instructional coach, I am the blessed one, because I have a building full of teachers who have made me a better teacher and instructional coach as I partnered with each of them. I carry lessons from each teacher that I coached that will impact the teachers and students I am blessed to work with in my new school.
  • My friends have taught me how beautiful vulnerability can be and how we could be the hands and feet of Jesus to one another as we walk through challenging seasons of life. Life is messy, and we aren’t meant to do life alone. I am so thankful my friends have shown me what it is like to carry one another’s burdens and to celebrate one another’s successes.
  • My children’s teachers have taught me how beautiful it is when others pour into your children’s lives. When you are the one who pours into other people’s children, it is priceless when others do the same for your children. 
  • Our church families have been the solid ground that has helped reframe our thinking when life felt confusing. They have reminded us of God’s faithfulness and helped us move from one season to the next by trusting the Lord.

All of these people are treasures in Heaven that although we may not see many of them this side of Heaven very often after we move, so many of these people love Jesus with all of their hearts and we will one day be together in Heaven.

So friends, hopefully it’s not going to take loading multiple U-Haul trucks for you to see this truth that has been right in Matthew for us all along. I am sure you are a faster learner than I am. 😉 Look around at the people in your home, your workplace, your church, your children’s activities. Think about how we can continue to pour into each other’s lives and help each other see Jesus a little more clearly in this next season. Jesus will continue to empower us to store up treasures in Heaven, one person at a time. I can already see you shining bright! Thank you for being a heavenly treasure in my life.   

4 thoughts on “U-Haul Trucks and Heavenly Treasures Blogpost #23”

  1. I think I say this almost each week, but I love this post, too! What a great connection and perspective. I think it’s much easier or maybe faster to think of a works-based reward, but oh how grateful I am that our true treasures are getting to do life with others who follow Jesus. It’s in knowing we will one day get to spend eternity with Him and each of those who have poured into our lives and into our families’ lives…and hopefully lives we have poured into as well.

    Recently, one of my child’s teachers wrote her a farewell note with her end of year gift. As I read the note, tears came to my eyes and I had to stop, pause, and thank God for allowing her to be paired with this teacher. She not only taught her, but she truly knew her – her sweet personality, her funny sense of humor, her creativity, and her joy. What a treasure this relationship has been not only for my husband and I but for the two of them as well.

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