Soaking Up Summer with Summer Bucket Lists Blogpost #24

When the calendar rolls past Memorial Day, this is a signal for many eager children (and teachers!) that summer break is finally here! With the rhythm of summer months being so different from the regular school year structure, one way that our family has found to make the most of this precious time off is to create family summer bucket lists.This year’s bucket list is slightly different from previous years, because spending time with our extended families and adjusting to being back in our home town are important priorities for these summer months. In order to keep our focus on soaking up every moment possible, here are our number 1 must have summer rhythms: 

Nathan and Mackenzie share the same summertime goal-swim as many times a day as possible. They are all about swimming right after breakfast, in the afternoon, and who can pass up a night swim?! We are so lucky that two sets of grandparents have swimming pools for us to enjoy!

Juliana-bake as many different desserts as possible-we have so many more family members to cook for now that we live in Sullivan! She has lots of willing food tasters ready to try her delicious treats. 

Ethan-fishing. This sweet boy is so patient when it comes to waiting for the fish to bite his lines. He has a new collection of fishing gear from his cousins that he can’t wait to try out with Grandpa Tim. 

Kaden-water guns. This boy loves to spend hours swimming and squirting others with his water guns that he calls his “blasters.” I love listening to the adventures that he creates, as long as I am not the target of his squirt gun. He has such a fun imagination! 

Kallie-ride bikes with the kids! Now that the kids are all getting bigger, and we live in a quiet subdivision in the country, I would love to make family bike rides a regular rhythm for our summer time days. There is just something calming about spending time in nature together, soaking up the beautiful country scenery.I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a teenager, so I am really hoping that the old saying “it’s like getting back on a bike, you never forget it” is really true. I’ll keep you all updated. 😉

Friends, I would love to read about your favorite ways to kick-off summer break and the intentional ways you make the most of this summertime rhythm. I am praying this summer gives you and your loved ones much needed margin, rest, and time with loved ones and friends.

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